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EDT (Essential Driver Training) 

It is a compulsory course for learner drivers consisting of 12 lessons, its purpose is to improve road safety & to help learners develop the skill and confidence needed to share the road with other drivers.

  • Lessons 1-8 must be taken in sequence, but lessons 9-12 may be taken in any order.
  • Each of the 12 lessons in EDT lasts about one hour.
  • Its recommended that you leave at least two weeks between each EDT lesson to allow for further instruction, practice and learning.
  • The EDT course is best spread out over six months.

When you begin EDT lessons, you are provided with a log book, This book outlines your syllabus for the course and after each lesson I will stamp each EDT lesson as evidence of completion.
After all 12 EDT lessons are completed you are eligible to apply for your driving test.


First-time learner permit holders must wait six months after the date of issue of the particular licence category before they can sit their driving test.

The Theory Test

To book your theory test you should call 1890 606 106. You must score at least 35/40 to pass so it is worth studying the book or CD ROM (available in all bookshops).

When you pass you will receive a certificate. You must get your eyes tested and have an eyesight report that allows you to drive – You need two passport photos, signed on the back, Your birth certificate or passport is required for proof of identity. You will now pay €45 for the new learner’s permit, which is a small plastic card that will fit in your wallet.


Insurance Offer

When students have completed 10 lessons with Time2drive you will be entitled to 10% discount with Asgard & Kennco ( Can be quoted comprehensive & TPFT )
If it is the case that even with the discount the premium is still coming up very high we do offer a Box Clever Policy.

Box Clever.
1. GPS System installed monitoring driving skills.
2. If the driving is good in first year reward Kilometres are rewarded & the following year discount premiums also if driving is good.
3. Good way of earning your 1st years no claims bonus at discount prices as your driving is monitored.
4. Comprehensive insurance & windscreen cover included.
5. EU. Cover included.
6. Online System to check your Kilometres used and reward Kilometres earned.
Note; These policies are usually for clients between 17- 25 years of age.


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